Saturday, April 11, 2015

Studio move........

My lovely studio in the process of being emptied to make way for the hospital bed which will now take over this space.

This will be my new studio space.... it has taken so much organising and moving , I have not stitched in here yet, but granddaughter took full advantage today to do some of her stitching. She now had her own stitching kit and box. No stopping her.

Dorset Day 2015

It was a cold and frosty morning as we started the two and a half hour journey to the Hamworthy Club near Poole in Dorset for the Dorset Day activities. Our group - Great Western Embroiderers were charged with organising the day for West country Embroiderers. The day was organised by myself and Margaret,  and we also had numerous helpers from the group. They did a fantastic job too. 

Anita Bruce was our speaker and we were looking forward to seeing her work and discovering how she completed her work. Do have a look at her work here....amazing!

The lull in proceedings before the doors opened to the public..... traders are in place and tables all set. Last minute discussions by members of Great Western Embroiderers..

One  of the first to arrive is the President of West Country Embroiderers -Maggie Grey and her husband Clive and also the speaker Anita.

The Hall soon starts to fill up and the traders are doing some brisk business too. In the centre is a small exhibition of the Great western Embroiderers work, and members were happy to explain the work they had completed.

A chance for the dodger meet photo.

The charity to benefit from the main raffle this year is Parkinsons Uk Swindon Branch, and members and traders were very generous in their support. ( more later)

I was delighted to be presented with this little posy of yellow roses.. absolutely gorgeous. Thank you.

The journey home in warm sunshine was uneventful and here Salisbury Cathedral was basking in the afternoon sun. We were very happy but weary when we finally arrived home. A great day.

At the end of March the Swindon group of Parkinson's Uk had their monthly meeting and we (Mags and I) presented the charity cheque from the Dorset Day raffle  to Dave Logan the chairman of the group.
The PD group had also  asked me to give my talk - my creative journey...... to them. In appreciation I was given this beautiful bouquet of flowers.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Back in the studio..............

I managed to get back to the studio today, and enjoyed finishing this stage of my sketchbook and making notes about the process.
I also put my Pogo printer into use and added some images from the day with Anita. Its ages since I have used the Pogo... but it is so useful. 

Earlier in the day, I was at the hospital with a physio appointment and was playing with my new camera whilst waiting.
Thought this was an interesting study in shape and texture..... canvas , knitted acrylic, denim, plastic flooring, metal tubing and solid plastic. The colours are also complementary. Did I plan the shot....... no!     It just happened, but did I plan it in my sub conscious?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

sketchbook.... put together.

Using just 2 words and various techniques, a variety of media and quality of papers, I created pages for a sketchbook.

I gathered all the finished papers together, folded them and made them into sections and pierced them ready for making into a sketchbook with no cover. 

I can add more pages as I wish. I now want to make some transparent pages in fabric, with hand and machine stitch..... great fun.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Recent inspirations and work

At the beginning of this month I went to Marlborough Embroiderers Guild meeting and listened to a talk by Lynda Monk.... it was lovely to see her work close to and discover her process of creating her pieces. I have seen her at shows and emailed her a few times, but we had never met face to face. Her blog is Purple Missus

A workshop was held the next day but I was unable to attend unfortunately. Go to the MEG blog for more details

I have been in my studio today and finally have managed to finish a box I started at the GWE meeting earlier this month. It was a lot of hand stitching. So have sore fingers now. My own fault as its ages since my fingers have done a lot of hand stitching, so they are out of practice.

I thought I would see how the macro worked on my new camera, hence the close ups of the box.. Very pleased, I must say. Think I need to read the instruction CD  some more to find out how everything else works. Another learning curve looming on my horizon.

Must get back to the studio and complete some books I am making from the papers created with Anita Bruce on Thursday. I also need to make some notes about the ideas that came to me during the workshop, before they get lost in the everyday tasks of life.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dorset Day 2015

It was only just light when we left home, very misty and the frost was evident in the fields and the verges of the road. 

As the sun came out and broke through the mist, we were looking forward to an exciting but busy day. Our group of West Country Embroiderers  were responsible for organising the day for the Dorset groups. 

We were delighted that Maggie Grey ( WCE president) accepted our invitation to attend with her husband Clive. 
 We had wonderful traders, raffle and a grand lunch and above all the opportunity to meet friends and fellow stitchers.

Anita Bruce was our speaker and she gave us an inspiring insight into her art. She was very generous in sharing her techniques and inspirations and the journey she has undertaken in her very special work.

Her sketchbooks were wonderful too. A most enjoyable talk.

I was quite overwhelmed when I was presented with these beautiful roses by my group, for all the organising and overseeing the event. Aren't they beautiful. 
Of course no Dodger meet would be complete with out the photo. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Second Day of Open Studios - Sunday

Day 2 of Open Studios, the sun is shining and the studio is ready as is a warm welcome ( 11am -5pm today). Look forward to seeing you soon.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

First Day of Open Studios.- Saturday.

Studio is now ready for visitors. Just an hour to go before official opening time.
This is my work area all ready for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday 11am -5pm), it may not stay this tidy.... but if lots of lovely visitors keep me talking, then it may be this tidy at the end of the day. ;o).

Friday, September 05, 2014

I am opening my studio to visitors both weekends from 11 - 5pm and would love to see you if you have time to come and chat. I have some new work hanging in the studio and shall be working in the studio during opening times. Check the Swindon Open studios website for further details.  

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Art and Craft.... debate the difference.

Interesting, video..... I was fascinated and feel that it could really form the basis for a good debate.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Open studios- ---- will I see you?

I have signed up for the Open studios again this year, and so thought I would give you the opportunity to put the date in your diaries.
6/7 September and 13/14 September , 11am to 5pm, officially it is the 2 weekends... but I am happy to open the studio during the week by appointment. I shall be working/ demonstrating in the studio both weekends.
So please let me know and make an appointment if you would like to come during the week. I am showing some new work and am planning to have a  sale of work too.
I have decided I need to make some storage space for newer work, since taking early retirement, I have been quite prolific in my production of new work, and so need to find new loving homes. Look forward to seeing you.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Textile Tuesday

Went along to a workshop which featured Amanda Hislop as the tutor, which took place in Marlborough. I have put a photo of Amanda's work above. She works in layers of paper and cloth and in a painterly style, incorporating stitch by machine. I have often worked in this sort of manner and so the workshop was a wonderful escape for me..... 6 hours for me to get lost in what I love doing.  
My pieces of work are not finished... they still require some stitching. I have taken these photos whilst the work was still wet with paint
My inspiration for these pieces are rendered quite differently from Amanda's muted colours. I know when I am the  tutor I am always pleased when students own personality shines through. I am never impressed if students work is a clone of the tutor.


This particular piece need more painting as well as stitching, what the photo has not shown however is the glorious surface texture of this piece....layers of paper, cloth and threads as well as paint.

Yes I did become totally immersed in my work yesterday.. and completed 4 paintings. Most of my fellow students completed 1 or 2..... I could have continued into the evening.... but the class finished at 4 and I drove home to re-engage with my responsibilities.
The work has dried I hope I manage to find a few minutes today to work on them some more.